How to Patent a Great idea and to file a patent

09 Sep

Few years back I was thinking about how to get patent an idea and acquired a sensational idea and I wondered if someone else would steal it! This was when one of my friends asked me to file a patent. All grand discoveries start with an inspiration, and anyone who comes up with an idea, will require appropriate credit and fortification. In order to protect your welfare, it is vital to patent your proposal so that no one else can take acclaim for your inimitable creation.

The real start – know your needs, skills and wants!

Most individuals are uncertain on how to move from proposal to patents and fame. Personally, I went through this stage of development to complete how to get a patent. Before starting the official patent request procedure, I focused on few preliminary steps to secure my idea. However, with the completion of the Official Record of Invention, I stepped into a new path. Nevertheless, before beginning the application process I approached a skilled patent attorney. Luckily, I realized that an overwhelming number of patent applications are declined due to an array of reasons. Firstly, lack of understanding of how the patent procedure works is one of the most widespread reasons behind the downfall of new inventors. This is when patent attorneys become useful. Highly accomplished professionals at an upright patent society will be well-versed in the ins and outs of the entire process. Moreover, I used their acquaintance to save time, money and regret, while protecting my unique idea!

Facts learnt through experience

As I made my patent application I realized few important facets. The application process is slow and lengthy. It requires lots of time and attention for a successful ending. Nevertheless very often, inventors challenge to go through the procedure unaided and tend to met up with frustration and denial. As mentioned previously, legal assistance from certified practitioners with knowledge and skills about the application will get you through the process successfully. At least, I found my help from legit attorneys. So, how did I move? To be frank, the number of steps involved was overwhelming. Firstly, I started by selecting a company that proffers free details on how to look after an idea. Secondly, the experts helped me fill out a form to obtain no-obligation information from the ascertaining institution. Moving on, I filed in the request and waited for a positive response. Thanks to the trained practitioners, I received a positive response in few short weeks.

The real difference

However, time taught me many lessons. Unlike many other patent applications, the provisional patents were filled with many benefits. The enticing option was faster, easier and cheaper. Also, you will be allowed to negotiate with the investor or manufacturer, when your application runs through “Pending Status”. Thus, it’s worth relying on the provisional patent before deciding on conventional utility provisional patents.

Being a sole owner!

Today, I own a great idea and a patent that identifies me as its sole owner. The feel makes me happy and extremely privileged. If you are a part of this league, you must make use of the hints presented in this article! Every invention has an owner and if you wish to be an owner, you must get hold of a patent as soon as possible. The patent will keep you within safe grounds and protect you from those who eye on other’s ideas. To be more precise, I had to safe my idea from an entire organization. This increased my need for a legit and authentic patent. After all, an idea would not pop up every now and then! Instead, you must bag it the moment it hit your mind and table.

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All that one needs to know even before patenting an idea

02 May

stock-vector-set-of-patented-grunge-rubber-stamps-on-white-vector-illustration-132047153The other day when I was telling one of my friends about how I was working on a very innovative idea and wished to make it big someday with it he asked me if I had done enough homework for it. The first thing he asked was how to patent an idea? I had not even thought of it so I asked him to tell me in detail about it so that I could get a clear idea and understand what it was all about. He told me that I first needed to know if I was all done with my idea and if I was ready to launch it in the market. The next thing he enquired was if I had done a trial run with my idea and see if it works the way it is supposed to. Since I was ready with this all he suggested that now is the right time to apply for a patent. The best thing is that with a patent in hand I can now conduct a market evaluation to see what gains it brings to me.

Actual process of applying and getting a patent for your product

To start with, I was told to go ahead to check online on different patenting sites and in patent libraries if my idea already existed. Once I was through with this process, I am expected to go ahead and find out what kind of patent to file for. The next step would be to find a patent attorney who would be able to help with all the legal formalities of filing for a patent. With the help of this person, I would be able to better manage my idea from theft and any kind of legal hassles in patenting my product. The process after this would be to go online to the patenting site of my country and file an application. If I wish I could even apply for the patent through mail is what I am told.

Getting your way through the actual patenting formalities

If I am in a hurry to get my product patented as soon as possible then I should first opt for a provisional patent. This way I would get more time to do the final run and checks on my product and at the same time keep it away from theft. Once this is done, I have the opportunity to do the entire payment process online and wait for the concerned officials to give me a go ahead with the patent.

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How to Patent an Idea and getting the patent!

01 Feb

patent_searchDo you have a brilliant idea that is waiting to be patented? Getting a patent for the product or idea one has innovated would prevent others from making, using, offering it for sale. There are just few steps to patent an idea.

Doing a Research

Before patenting my idea, I did a research to make sure that is eligible for patenting. The idea can be patented if it is a process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or even if it is an improvement of these. Abstract ideas and inventions that might not be useful will be rejected for patent. Ideas should be an invention, and practical to use. I did a basic research to know that my idea is new. I asked myself few questions, like have I heard an idea like this before or something similar to this? Have I thought of an idea that is entirely unique? Lastly, I asked myself if the idea is useful. After a series of questions, I made a quick research to answer the first two questions. The research was intensive and I made sure that there is no idea that resembles mine. Last question, I had to answer myself, that what I have made would be useful to people. Though I found my idea was unique, I also ensured that my idea is already not patented. There are also patent libraries that I visited for assistance with my search. This bit of an extra work made sure that the idea I had in mind to be patented is new.

Preparing The Application

The first step of preparing application is to check what type of patent will suit my product. There are three various types of patent, viz; the Utility Patent, Design Patent, and the Plant Patent. To give a brief note on the types, utility patents protect the way something is used and the way it works. For instance, a machine, tool, engine and the like might fall in the first category. Design patents protect the ornamental design of the article, while plant patents are granted to inventor who invents asexually produced plants. The next I had to decide is on what strategy to use for the patent, that is to file a provisional patent or regular patent. Some sites suggested that I apply for a provisional patent, which is much easier and cost-friendly as well.

Applying The Patent:

The last and the important part of letting my idea known to the world are to apply for the patent. I filed my application through online, and for the electronic application, I registered myself in the patent site, and got a customer number, and digital certificate. I prepared all my documents that were necessary for the patent application. All the attachments are to be in the PDF forms. The specifications contained my idea’s entire history and diagrams. The step by step process completed ‘how to get a patent idea’, and in the electronic filing system was easy for me, and after submission of my idea for the patent, I put a tagline for my product, ‘Patent Pending.

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